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Carrot Rewards Marie Kondo Cleaning
Your Planet
April 26, 2019

Spring into Action with these Cleaning Tips

Looking to do some spring cleaning? This year, go beyond the general dust, mop and vacuum, and try to declutter for good. The idea of living in a clean and…
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Carrot Rewards Less is more: essential tips for minimalism
Mental HealthYour Mind
December 29, 2018

Less is more: essential tips for minimalism

Do you have a ton of stuff? Between kitchenware, clothing, electronics and household items, you may have more items than you need. Enter minimalism. It’s a movement that emphasizes paring…
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Carrot Rewards Cut Down Energy Costs
Your MoneyYour Planet
November 2, 2018

Five Ways to Cut Down your Energy Costs

While there’s plenty to love about autumn—leaves changing colour, sweater weather and everyone happily sipping their pumpkin spice lattes—fall also comes with rapidly dropping temps, long nights, and the loss…
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Carrot Rewards Climate Change & You
Your Planet
October 12, 2018

Climate Change and You

Climate change may be the biggest threat humanity has ever faced. As the earth’s atmospheric temperature rises, the planet has experienced major shifts that affect nations, including Canada, on a…
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