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carrot rewards avoiding holiday debt and outsmarting black friday sale tactics when planning christmas and hannukah presents
Your Money
December 13, 2018

Three Ways to Avoid Holiday Debt Regret

According to results of the CPA Canada Holiday Spending Monitor Update, a whopping 37% of respondents intended to spend over $800 on their gifts. While at first glance this sounds…
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Carrot Rewards Three Stress Busters…That Really Work!
Your Mind
September 12, 2018

Three Stress Busters…That Really Work!

Earlier this week, I blogged about three common stress reduction techniques – clearing your mind, clearing your space, and harnessing the power of laughter – that have been proven to…
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Carrot Rewards Cut your September Stress
Your Mind
September 9, 2018

Cut your Stress

Here's a secret: I thrive on (some) stress. Let me explain…. Cue: Freddy Mercury. I’m someone who works well under pressure. Part of that is because I have the luxury…
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carrot rewards coping with stress back to school september
Mental HealthYour Mind
October 20, 2017

5 Ways to Stress Less

Early AM alarms. Lunch-making. School drop-off (and pickup). Carpooling. Traffic. Big work projects. After school programs. Tutoring. Youth sports. Yard work. Ack! Stress is universal: everyone experiences feelings of tension,…
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fight or flight mental health carrot rewards #carrot_rewards
Mental HealthYour Mind
August 9, 2017

Five Great Methods for Whole Brain Living

We all have a part of our brain that’s dedicated to our survival defenses. This area controls our instinctive response, heart rate, breathing, and body temperature. It’s referred to as…
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