We want to set you up for success—every step of the way, and we mean every step. With Carrot, step your way to success with a goal that is personalized to you. Let’s break it down so you can get the most of your jogs, walks, strolls and steps.


Enable the step tracking functionality on your phone (Apple Health if you’re an iPhone user or Google Fit if you’re an Android user) and carry it with you always – especially when you’re exercising!

Carrot also syncs directly with Fitbit and Apple Watch (through the Apple Watch app).

How was my personal step goal calculated?

Your physical activity habits are just as unique as you are — as are your step goals. To personalize your daily step goal, we measure your activity over a 7-day period based on the number of steps you take each day.

Does my step goal ever change?

Yup – every Sunday you’ll be notified of your new goal, which will start every Monday. We update your daily step goal based on your recent activity, in doing so, you’re always working towards an achievable goal. We’re here to motivate, challenge and cheer you on every step of the way. You got this!

What’s the key to success?

We’re glad you asked. The answer is easy—steady stepping. It’s easy to stay motivated with Streaks.Hit your Daily Step Goal day after day and watch your Streaks grow!

How can I maximize my points?

If you reside in a province or territory that rewards you every day for achieving your step goal, hit your stride to rack up the rewards! Every consecutive day you hit your Daily Step Goal, the number of rewards you can earn increases (up to a max).

There are days you might not hit your daily goal, it happens to the best of us! You’ll just start over at base points and have an opportunity to try again.

Pro-tip: check in every day! Sync your daily step activity in the app to avoid missing out on earning. A few seconds for more points? Consider it done.

Am I in this alone?

Nope – in fact, you’re better together! Connect with your friends on Carrot by sharing your User Code and fill your leaderboard with your friends’ step activity. Getting your friends involved in your physical activity goals keeps you accountable and motivated! So, connect, challenge and motivate–there’s definitely power in numbers.

You can choose one friend to complete a Step Together Challenge at a time. Between the two of you, you need to achieve 10 daily goals in 7 days to win the challenge and earn major points!


We’re so excited you’re stepping and staying active with us. Who are you going to challenge to a Step Together Challenge?

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The Carrot Rewards team works hard to help Canadians take charge of their health and wellness by being more physically active each day and learning useful information that empowers them to make healthier decisions. We want you to keep learning, and challenging yourself to be more active. And we want to make sure that your journey to health and wellness is rewarding and engaging every step of the way!

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