Stepping Stones in Ontario

Our once very little app has been growing and we have you to thank for it. Since the launch of the Ontario Carrot patch in 2017, you’ve helped grow our community here to over 700,000 members!

We also owe a very special thank you to our government partners for helping us plant our feet and reward you, daily, for stepping your way towards better health. In fact, with the help of our government partners, we’ve increased Ontarians’ physical activity (walking) by over 20%, and that is an achievement we’re very proud of.

It’s been an amazing journey so far, but with growth comes change. As support from our government partners has come to an end in Ontario for now, effective December 8, 2018, you will no longer automatically earn rewards  for meeting your Daily Step Goal. But don’t worry, you can still earn your favourite rewards in Ontario—read on for the details of this step change.

For more information, please visit our FAQ.