You may have noticed a few money-related offers in your Carrot app these days. Whether we’re asking you about your budgeting habits or seeing if you know the importance of a credit score, it is clear that financial fitness has been added to our arsenal of health and wellness topics.

If you’re wondering why – it’s simple: knowing about money matters, and making smart financial decisions is directly related to your overall well-being. The stress incurred from the many financial decisions can have a huge impact on mental, emotional, and physical health.

With that in mind, Carrot has been taking major strides to expand our partnerships to bring you the best and most helpful information on managing your money.

It’s important for you to be financially fit

Usually when we think about getting ‘fit’, we just think about our bodies. We know that eating right and exercising often will improve our physical fitness over time.

Similarly, financial fitness is something you need to work towards and develop gradually. Just like building muscles, being financially healthy can’t happen overnight.

High levels of stress have a negative impact on your mental health. So empowering you to make sound financial decisions that will relieve you of some of that stress has a direct positive impact on your mental health. It is important to not only learn about these topics, but to maintain and apply the knowledge in your everyday life.

We want to provide you with accurate and relevant financial information necessary to grow and learn how to make smart choices, and to equip you with the necessary tools to do so. This will take a load off of your mind, and contribute to less stress and better mental health.

Bring in the specialists

In true Carrot fashion, we teamed up with experts in the field to ensure that we are giving you the best information available. We’ve enlisted the help of personal finance expert Bruce Sellery to be our executive advisor and guide, as well as teaming up with leading financial groups in Canada, including investment firm Wealthsimple, and online lender Borrowell. These partnerships offer our users more than just the ability to learn about financial topics, but also equip them with handy tools, like budgeting programs, and Borrowell’s free credit score service. These resources can help you take your first step towards becoming financially fit, applying what you’ve learned to make a plan that works for you.

What next?

To maintain financial fitness for both your present and future wellbeing, it’s important that we keep finding new and innovative ways to learn and grow our understanding. Carrot is always looking for new opportunities and resources that will help you become financially fit, and stay in control of your finances.

If you have ideas of what financial topics you want to learn about, let us know in the comments!





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The Carrot Rewards team works hard to help Canadians take charge of their health and wellness by being more physically active each day and learning useful information that empowers them to make healthier decisions. We want you to keep learning, and challenging yourself to be more active. And we want to make sure that your journey to health and wellness is rewarding and engaging every step of the way!

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