Carrot in the News | Press Archive

One-Trillion Steps Milestone – 22/08/2018

Breakfast television features us as we keep walking past our one-trillion steps tracked and rewarded milestone!

Keep Your Eyes Off the Screen – 11/07/2018

Here’s an article about how Hastings-Prince Edward is partnering with us to raise awareness and actionable strategies to reduce sedentary screen time in their district.

Carrot Joins Forces with RBC Rewards – 14/06/2018

Carrot Rewards has announced that Canadians can now earn RBC Rewards points on the platform.

Innovators taking points programs to the masses – 29/05/2018

Andreas is featured in an article by TechVibes that explores the power of loyalty points and the innovative ways it is being used to reach and impact people.

Carrot on CTV – 20/04/2018

Carrot’s lead behavioural scientist and advisor, Marc Mitchell, was interviewed by London news about Carrot Rewards and incentives for healthy living.

SICKKIDS using Carrot to promote the stairs – 05/04/2018

The SickKids Foundation, a Toronto-based charity, is encouraging its employees to skip the elevator and use the stairs, beginning with a wellness challenge piloting the Carrot Rewards’ mobile app.

Step Together Challenge Radio Interview – 28/03/2018

Andreas makes his second appearance with Christine and Kate on ‘What She Said’ radio to talk about the Step Together Challenge release.

Carrot Rewards launches world’s first Peer-to-Peer rewards for fitness – 19/03/2018

Toronto-based Carrot Rewards has announced launch of its new ‘Step Together Challenge’ platform, which it says is the world’s first peer-to-peer rewards for physical activity.

Techvibes on Carrot – 19/03/2018

TechVibes covers Carrot Rewards as we launch Step Together Challenge, celebrate our 2nd anniversary and cross the amazing milestone of 1 billion points rewarded.

Lifehack’s “Money-making apps that actually work” – 08/02/2018

“I have managed to find three apps that actually deliver on their promise to earn you some extra cash (or something of cash value) and you won’t even have to fill out those boring surveys. In fact, these apps are actually fun to use!” *SPOILER* Carrot Rewards is one of them 😉

CTV gets the word out about Carrot – 10/01/2018

CTV News Ottawa, Winnipeg and Saskatoon all aired a story covering Carrot Rewards and how it quickly became one of Canada’s favourite apps!

Carrot gets featured on Narcity Blog – 11/01/2018

Narcity features a great review of Carrot Rewards in their health section. They show how getting active and fit is even more rewarding with Carrot!