We’re excited you chose to join the Carrot community — welcome! We know you’re looking forward to collecting rewards with us, and we’re here to set you up for success so you can get the most out of Carrot Rewards.

There are many exciting ways you can not only earn during your Carrot journey but also engage in our community to learn more about how to live well.

Let’s break down everything you can expect to see on Carrot Rewards. After this, you’ll feel like a Carrot expert and ready to engage in the community…


We’ll be sending you short quizzes about important wellness topics that benefit you, your family and the planet. We have six categories of wellness that you’ll learn about: Your Body, Your Mind, Your Money, Your Planet, Your Community & Your Future.

Learn and earn every time you complete a quiz.


Pick from one of our five amazing loyalty partners to earn your favourite points: Drop, More Rewards®, Petro-Points, RBC Rewards, and SCENE®.

Your card number can be updated or changed at any time by going into your account page. Click your active card and “add new card” to switch up your rewards. Once your card has been updated, all the new points you earn will be deposited into the new account! Just remember, you can only earn rewards on one card a time so make sure the card you would like to collect rewards on is active when completing quizzes or crushing your step goals. 


Ready to step your way to a healthier lifestyle? Whether it’s a morning jog, afternoon walk, or evening stroll – your activity is personal to you and is designed to keep you motivated.

Have you activated Steps? We support smartphones and wearables—iPhone (Apple Health), Android (Google Fit), Fitbit and Apple Watch! Two things to remember: make sure you enable steps and sync daily. On the “Home” tab in your Carrot app, turn on the “Enable Steps” option.

After a week of tracking your steps on Carrot, you will receive your personalized Daily Step Goal, which should challenge YOU to move more. That’s why Carrot offers you a unique goal based on your recent activity.

Every Sunday, you’ll get an updated Daily Step Goal that’s based on your most recent activity levels. On Mondays, you’ll start stepping your way towards a realistic but challenging new goal.

If you reside in a province where points are not awarded for achieving your Daily Step Goal, upgrade to Carrot Plus to earn every day.


Connect with your friends on Carrot and motivate each other. Challenge one friend to a Step Together Challenge and you’ll both earn major points!

Friends helping friends (get more points), it’s a beautiful thing!

Daily Tips

Just a quick fun fact, motivational quote, health tip, or vegetable pun to brighten your day.


Just like what you’re reading right now. Take a deeper dive into the wellness topics we cover, join the conversation and chime in with your thoughts, tips and advice to help others in the community achieve their goals. We have yummy recipes, inspirational Carrot stories, tips for a healthy brain and so much more.

We’ll feature our latest blogs in-app, so you’ll never miss a post.


Who doesn’t love giveaways? Keep your eyes peeled in the app for opportunities to win Carrot swag and sweet prizes from our partners.

Meet some of our previous winners who are going on a Great Canadian Adventure (our biggest contest ever!).

We’re really happy you decided to join our fun and informative Carrot community. You’ll quickly find that everyone is really friendly and supportive— we can’t wait to hear from you. With Carrot, there are many opportunities to earn points, stay motivated and engaged. We know you made the right choice and we hope you feel the same way too. You’re well on your way to a healthier lifestyle.


Join the conversation below. What are you most looking forward to on Carrot?

Team Carrot

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The Carrot Rewards team works hard to help Canadians take charge of their health and wellness by being more physically active each day and learning useful information that empowers them to make healthier decisions. We want you to keep learning, and challenging yourself to be more active. And we want to make sure that your journey to health and wellness is rewarding and engaging every step of the way!

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