Carrot Rewards Canada's Food Guide
Healthy EatingYour Body
January 22, 2019

Canada’s New Food Guide Is Here

It's been 12 years since Canada’s Food Guide was last updated. But the latest version, which was unveiled on January 22, 2019, is well worth the wait. In addition, the two-page…
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Carrot Rewards Health Skills For Everlasting Change
Your Body
January 15, 2019

Health Skills for Everlasting Change

Part 1 of the Implementing Change series of blogposts looked at moving from good intentions to actually making changes, or what the experts consider moving from contemplation to preparation to…
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Carrot Rewards Automate Everything
Financial LiteracyYour Money
January 7, 2019

Automate Everything: How to Simplify your Life and Supercharge your Savings

Barack Obama is a pretty classy dresser. But did you know that while he was in office the former U.S. President had a very simple approach to his wardrobe? He…
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Carrot Rewards Top Tips for Winter Skin Safety
Your Body
January 5, 2019

Top Winter Skincare Tips

Canadian winters are no joke, and the frigid weather demands that we take particular precautions when it comes to our skin. There are so many things you have to protect…
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Carrot Rewards Feel Great This Year
Healthy EatingYour Body
January 1, 2019

Four Ways to Feel Great this Year

Okay, so you may be feeling like all the chocolates, sweets, New Year’s Eve’s second piece of apple pie wasn’t absolutely necessary, and you didn’t mean to polish off that…
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Carrot Rewards Less is more: essential tips for minimalism
Mental HealthYour Mind
December 29, 2018

Less is more: essential tips for minimalism

Do you have a ton of stuff? Between kitchenware, clothing, electronics and household items, you may have more items than you need. Enter minimalism. It’s a movement that emphasizes paring…
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Carrot Rewards Be Merry and Mindful: Driving Tips for the Holiday Season
Your Future
December 20, 2018

Be Merry and Mindful: Driving Tips for the Holiday Season

When it comes to winter holiday travel, airplanes garner the most attention. But, tis the season when the majority of people pack up the car and drive to their destinations – whether…
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