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Cara Rosenbloom

Carrot Rewards Nourishing Our Nation
Healthy EatingYour Body
March 1, 2019

Nourishing Our Nation: The Best of Canadian Food

Did you know that Canada is one of the largest agricultural producers in the world? That’s pretty amazing considering that only about seven percent of our land area is suitable…
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Carrot Rewards Food & Mood
Healthy EatingYour Body
February 1, 2019

Food and Mood – What’s the Connection?

You probably know that nutritious foods are good for your heart, but have you ever thought about the connection between food and brain health? Your body is a whole, and…
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Carrot Rewards Canada's Food Guide
Healthy EatingYour Body
January 22, 2019

Canada’s New Food Guide Is Here

It's been 12 years since Canada’s Food Guide was last updated. But the latest version, which was unveiled on January 22, 2019, is well worth the wait. In addition, the two-page…
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Carrot Rewards Feel Great This Year
Healthy EatingYour Body
January 1, 2019

Four Ways to Feel Great this Year

Okay, so you may be feeling like all the chocolates, sweets, New Year’s Eve’s second piece of apple pie wasn’t absolutely necessary, and you didn’t mean to polish off that…
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Carrot Rewards Less is more: essential tips for minimalism
Mental HealthYour Mind
December 29, 2018

Less is more: essential tips for minimalism

Do you have a ton of stuff? Between kitchenware, clothing, electronics and household items, you may have more items than you need. Enter minimalism. It’s a movement that emphasizes paring…
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Carrot Rewards Inspiring Change
Your BodyYour Future
November 30, 2018

Your Guide to Inspiring Change in 2019

With a new year looming, resolutions may be top of mind. The best method for making changes is to plan ahead and take baby steps. A complete overhaul of your…
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Carrot Rewards All about flu shots – what you need to know
Preventive HealthYour Future
November 5, 2018

All About Flu Shots – What you Need to Know

Washing hands, eating a balanced diet, getting enough sleep and being physically active are steps you can take to help prevent the flu. The other important action is getting a…
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Carrot Rewards Repurpose your pumpkin
Your Planet
October 29, 2018

Don’t toss that pumpkin. Try this instead!

Have you ever wondered what happens to all of the intricately carved pumpkins once November hits? Think about it. House after house displays a hauntingly scary pumpkin to symbolize that…
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Carrot Rewards Oral Hygiene: Don’t Rush your Brush
Your Future
October 26, 2018

Good Oral Hygiene: Don’t Rush your Brush!

A healthy smile makes a great first impression. While oral health is important to your appearance and sense of well-being, having healthy teeth and gums also impacts your overall health.…
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