We’re excited to announce that Carrot Rewards members can now collect RBC Rewards points! Carrot members who already collect RBC Rewards points when they spend with their RBC credit cards, will now be able to earn points without spending. Yup, there’s a new way to earn — without breaking the bank. Now, RBC Rewards members can rack up on points simply by meeting their daily step goal, taking quick health quizzes, completing a Step Up and Step Together Challenges, and much more!

If you collect RBC Rewards points, you’ll know that they come with big perks. They can be redeemed for great merchandise like a new Fitbit, gift cards, travel, or financial rewards (i.e. putting them towards your credit card balance or mortgage). Imagine that! There’s never been a better time to start earning RBC Rewards points on Carrot.

New to Carrot Rewards? All you have to do is download the app here, tap “Register” and create your account. We’ll need you to fill out some basic information to make sure you receive the best possible experience with Carrot. Select RBC Rewards as your rewards option with Carrot and enter the required information.

You’ll be earning points on the account linked to your RBC Rewards credit card. Carrot will never collect or store your credit card information, so once you hit the “Go to RBC Rewards” button, you’ll be redirected to the RBC Rewards website. This is where you can securely sign in to your RBC account and link it to your new Carrot account.

If you have more than one RBC Rewards credit card, you will need to choose one to link to your Carrot account. You will earn RBC Rewards points towards this card, as long as the card is active. If your account changes, make sure you update your RBC Rewards card with your Carrot account to be able to keep earning points.

Already part of the Carrot community? It’s easy to add your RBC Rewards credit card to your Carrot account. Visit your “Account” page in the Carrot app and tap on the card that is currently active in your account. Click the “ADD NEW CARD” button and follow the steps above to start earning RBC Rewards points on Carrot. Remember, you will only earn points towards the active rewards card in the app, but can switch cards at any time!

Get ready to live better and earn smarter with Carrot and RBC Rewards.

Team Carrot

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The Carrot Rewards team works hard to help Canadians take charge of their health and wellness by being more physically active each day and learning useful information that empowers them to make healthier decisions. We want you to keep learning, and challenging yourself to be more active. And we want to make sure that your journey to health and wellness is rewarding and engaging every step of the way!

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