When it comes to winter holiday travel, airplanes garner the most attention. But, tis the season when the majority of people pack up the car and drive to their destinations – whether it’s an overnight adventure or (one of many) holiday parties with family and friends.

Before you pack up your casseroles, chocolate sweets, presents and bags, follow these three tips to maximize your holiday happiness this season.

Winter tires, no problem! Think again…

Earlier this year you winterized your vehicle to take on cold and icy Canadian winters, but that does not make you invincible on the roads. Safe driving always starts with you. Winter tires are designed to give your car better traction in snowy and icy conditions. However, being mindful to drive slowly and take caution on the roads is just as important. Revisit some basic winter driving essentials with these 5 winter driving safety tips.

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Secure your valuables

The holidays are prime time for thieves. A vehicle full of beautifully wrapped gifts in plain view will only attract them. Remember to always lock your doors and windows and ensure your car is not a tempting target! Remove all valuables, bags and electronics from your car or keep them very well-hidden. Keep your wrapped presents in the trunk or covered storage area of your vehicle. Out sight, out of (the thieves’) mind.

Plan ahead!

Before you hit the party circuit, plan ahead so you know what your exit strategy is before you start socializing and clinking those glasses. Carpool, ride-sharing apps and public transportation are all great options. If you have a designated driver for the make, make sure they stay the official DD for the entirety of the night. The “oh, I’ll just have one” doesn’t work – ever.

If you’re hosting the party, don’t assume all of your guests will make responsible travel plans. Be mindful of how much your guests are indulging in and ensure you know whose responsible for driving people home. Serve fun, non-alcoholic cocktails so those who aren’t drinking feel like they can still get in on the fun. You’ll sleep more soundly if you know everyone you care about is back home safe and sound!


Help keep the roads safe this season (and always), so everyone can partake in the holiday cheer! Share this with your friends and loved ones.


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