Carrot is turning 3!

Help us blow out our candles and win great prizes

This March Carrot is turning 3 and what’s a celebration without our Carrot community? Some people don’t love their birthdays, but we LOVE ours! So, we’re celebrating all month long with a ton of opportunities to earn great prizes, so join in the fun, and don’t forget tot #ShareItWithCarrot

Here are some of the contests you’ll find in the Carrot app and on our social media this month:

1. Scavenger Hunt

Assemble all 4 clues and you’ll be entered to win one of 5 prizes. Hint: the first clue is in the March edition of Carrot Beat. If you didn’t get the newsletter, find it (and subscribe to future issues) here. Stay tuned for three more clues via your Carrot app. Assemble all four clues for a shot at winning some great kitchen goodies.

2. Try something new

What better time to start something fresh and venture out of your comfort zone a little? Share something new that YOU are trying or learning this year for a chance to win some swag.

3. What’s up doc?

So you love your Carrots? Prove it! Share a picture of you munching on our favourite veggie for a chance to win.

4. Step it up

The beating heart of the Carrot is your personal Daily Step Goal. Over the course of the week of March 15th, every day that you meet that goal is an entry for a chance to win some Carrot running accessories, to get your steps in, in style.

5. It’s a long and winding road

The path to being healthy and happy isn’t always smooth – and that’s okay! Sometimes we make unhealthy choices, sometimes we get thrown curve balls, and sometimes life just happens. Share your wellness journey for a chance to win.

6. Better Together

Carrot is better with friends, but then again, isn’t everything?! Share your User Code with your friends & the Carrot community. Motivate each other with Step Together Challenges AND earn together! It’s a win-win. This week, every new friend connection you make on Carrot is a chance for you AND your friend to win 1 of 10 water bottles and Tuber’z scarves.

7. Gratefully yours

We’re incredibly grateful for our wonderful Carrot Community that has grown with us these past 3 years. Now we want to know something that you’re grateful for!


March 1-31, 2019

Contest Rules & Regulations