Heart Month

Show your heart some love and win great prizes

February is Heart Month, a great time to reflect on how we can take care of that big muscle that pumps life through our bodies and relationships that are key to our mental well-being.

Challenge, love and swag all wrapped up in one month. During February, look out for fun and unique ways to show your heart some additional love — and win some swag along the way. Here are three easy challenges you can look forward to:

1. Step Together Challenge

Complete as many Step Together Challenges during hearth month. Each successful challenge ensures your name is entered to win one of 6 Carrot flatpacks and Carrot socks.

2. Show Some Love

Healthy relationships (romantic or otherwise) are key to your mental and physical well-being. Time to wear your heart on your sleeve! We’ll be asking you to gush about the loves in your life (s/o, bestie, family, work buddy) and you will both be entered to win one of 8 Carrot water bottles.

3. How Nutritious are You?

Canada’s Food Guide was just updated after 12 long years. How savvy are you in the healthy eating category? Check out the new food guide and our blog posts to brush up on your knowledge. Keep your eyes (and carrots) peeled for trivia questions throughout the month – answer correctly and you could win a cool Carrot kitchen pack.


February 1-27, 2019

Contest Rules & Regulations