Meet stepper-extraordinaire Jimi Clarke from Vancouver, BC. Jimi caught our attention when he shared his 50-day Streak on Facebook. Yup, Jimi has met his Daily Step Goal every day for the past 50 days. The office average for longest Streak is 10 days.

His enthusiasm and motivation to never miss a streak really inspired us, so we reached out to him and asked him a few questions. The secret to his success? Friends who care about him. Here’s what he had to say:


Team Carrot: What’s your name and where are you from?

Jimi: My name is Jimi Clark. I am originally from Florida, but have lived in Vancouver for the past four years.


TC: How were you introduced to Carrot?

J: One of my closest friends, Amber introduced me to the app. She too is on a 50+ day streak. We keep pushing each other to hit our Daily Step Goal.


TC: How has the Streaks feature motivated you to walk more?

J: The Streak feature is amazing. The higher it gets, the more motivated I become. The thought of waking up and seeing “0” for my Streak pushes me to keep going. I would say it is my biggest motivator from the app.


TC: What’s your secret? How are you able to hold a 50-day streak?

J: Friends. When you have close friendships with people who care about you, and want you to be the healthiest you possible, hitting the Daily Step Goal becomes easy. I am lucky to have people who check in with me constantly. They always ask, “how many steps I have today”, and motivate me to keep it going.


TC: Do you have an interesting story of nearly missing a Streak? If so, how did you get those emergency steps in?

J: Last night was the closest I ever came to ending the Streak. I was hosting an American Thanksgiving party for a few friends. Because of that, I was in the kitchen all day cooking. I had no time to do my normal walks. Throughout the night, I kept excusing myself to go on short 30 minute walks. I even had friends ask if they could join to help me achieve my goal. I finally made it around 11:45 pm. It was close, but I did it!


Let’s all take Jimi’s advice and check in on our friends’ progress. A simple text or phone-call is sometimes all it takes to add a bounce to your step. And hey, there’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition either.

How do your friends motivate you to stay active? Let us know in the comments!

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