Carrot’s gotten a makeover. Our new design lets you connect better with others, easily access information, and more effectively track your progress through Steps. We’re really excited about our new look and feel — we hope you love it, too!

Our passion is healthy living and, with that in mind, we’ve raised the bar when it comes to diverse content that suits your lifestyle. We’re offering information on creating a budget and piling your plate with veggies, because health is interconnected. Let’s face it, financial goals and fitness goals create overall life #goals.

With the new app design, you’ll notice that we’ve structured content into categories to help you find information that’s most relevant to you. Our refined categories will dive deeper into a particular topic, so you can form a stronger understanding and motivation for healthy behaviour change. We want to help you live better, together.

These are the six major categories that Carrot’s content falls into:

From the benefits of physical activity and healthy eating to real talk about sexual health, Your Body covers topics that speak to your overall physical well-being.

It’s not all about the body though. Mental health is just as important as physical health, if not more so. Your Mind delivers information on stress-busting strategies, the art of resilient behaviour, nurturing healthy relationships, and much more.

Financial information can seem like a lot of fancy language with little substance. Your Money breaks it down with practical money-management advice, savings tips, and even investment strategies.

How can we conquer the future, while living in the present? Your Future covers topics like education (career planning), preventive health (immunizations, screenings), and life planning (insurance, living wills).

At Carrot, we believe in community. Its power, potential, and healing ability. Your Community is your gateway to information on local events, philanthropic pursuits, and civic engagement.

It may sound bleak, but the earth is dying. We need to help slow down climate change now. Your Planet will help you reduce your impact by arming you with eco-facts, ways to reduce your carbon footprint, and energy-efficient lifestyle choices.


Each time you see a blog or quiz in-app it’ll be labeled with one of our six categories, so you already know what to expect upon opening. It’s that simple. What topic are you most looking forward to receiving information on?

Team Carrot

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The Carrot Rewards team works hard to help Canadians take charge of their health and wellness by being more physically active each day and learning useful information that empowers them to make healthier decisions. We want you to keep learning, and challenging yourself to be more active. And we want to make sure that your journey to health and wellness is rewarding and engaging every step of the way!

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