With the start of school, fall activities, the upcoming holiday prep, and so much in between, getting your car ready for winter can easily slip down your priority list. Not having your car ready for the first snowfall can have a huge impact on the way your car drives and can put you and your family in danger. It is important to get ready early so that when winter hits, you’re safe to drive. Here are a few tips on getting your car ready for a cold Canadian winter.

1. Winter Tires

Winter tires are a must-have for any cold, snowy Canadian winter. These tires are specifically designed to give your car better traction and stop quicker in the winter. The rubber used in winter tires doesn’t get as stiff compared to three-season or all-weather tires and has deeper tread patterns to prevent the snow and cold weather from harming your car. All-season tires are an upgrade from three-season tires, but neither are designed to handle winter conditions.

Only installing two winter tires is also not a good shortcut, even if your car has forward- or rear-wheel drive because the tires will react to the road in different ways and can be unpredictable and dangerous. The best way to ensure a safe and reliable winter driving experiencing is by purchasing and installing winter tires. Keep an eye out for the three peak and snowflake logo which means the tire is approved by the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada.

2. Check the Fluids

The wiper fluid, oil, and coolant in your car can all be affected by colder winter temperatures. Make sure to fill your car with freeze-resistant wiper fluid and consider switching to a thinner oil as it will be more effective in the cold, but before doing so, consult your owner’s manual first as oil that is too thin could damage your engine. As for coolant, getting the right anti-freeze-to-water mixture can be hard so check your car manual before you get started.

3. Cleaning your Car in the Winter

Keeping your car looking nice in the winter can be a challenge. It’s especially hard if you, like half of Carrot users, clean your car at home, but there are a few simple tricks to make the job easier. The first is to wait for a warmer day. It’s a much easier task when the temperature is near or above freezing than when it’s -20! Make sure you hand dry areas around the doors, trunk, and fuel door so these don’t freeze shut. Finally, check for built up snow and slush in your car’s wheel well and clear it away before you hit the road.

4. Take your Car in for Service

From changing your tires, to checking your fluids and cleaning your car, a service centre will be able to get your car ready for winter. Getting your car set up by a professional is always a smart decision as they know all the smaller details needed to make your car road ready. You can take your car back to the dealership where you bought it – like almost half of the Carrot community – or to your local garage and they will make sure you are ready for a safe and easy-driving winter.


We want to hear from you! What are somethings you do to get your car ready for winter?

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