Carrot Rewards Introducing Molly – The Easiest Way to Improve your Credit Score!
Financial LiteracyYour Money
February 17, 2019

Introducing Molly – The Easiest Way to Improve your Credit Score!

Your credit score is a vital aspect of your financial health. Having a good credit score can help you get a better credit card, buy your first car or home,…
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Financial LiteracyYour Money
February 4, 2019

It’s Never Too Early to Think About Taxes

With low temperatures and snow on the ground outside, it may feel much too early to be thinking about your taxes. But preparing for tax season early can significantly reduce…
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Carrot Rewards Food & Mood
Healthy EatingYour Body
February 1, 2019

Food and Mood – What’s the Connection?

You probably know that nutritious foods are good for your heart, but have you ever thought about the connection between food and brain health? Your body is a whole, and…
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Carrot Rewards Being Kind
Mental HealthYour Mind
January 26, 2019

Being a Positive Force Against Mental Illness

January 30th is Bell Let’s Talk Day, a fantastic initiative that raised almost seven million dollars last year and has helped change the conversation about mental health in this country.…
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Carrot Rewards Canada's Food Guide
Healthy EatingYour Body
January 22, 2019

Canada’s New Food Guide Is Here

It's been 12 years since Canada’s Food Guide was last updated. But the latest version, which was unveiled on January 22, 2019, is well worth the wait. In addition, the two-page…
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Carrot Rewards Health Skills For Everlasting Change
Your Body
January 15, 2019

Health Skills for Everlasting Change

Part 1 of the Implementing Change series of blogposts looked at moving from good intentions to actually making changes, or what the experts consider moving from contemplation to preparation to…
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