Carrot Rewards Drink and Be Merry - Safely
Your Body
December 7, 2018

Drink and be Merry – Safely

December can be both a very fun and very stressful time of year, and in both cases it can often lead to drinking too many drinks over the holiday season.…
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Your Community
December 6, 2018

Carrot Member of the Month: Jimi Clarke

Meet stepper-extraordinaire Jimi Clarke from Vancouver, BC. Jimi caught our attention when he shared his 50-day Streak on Facebook. Yup, Jimi has met his Daily Step Goal every day for the…
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Carrot Rewards Falls Prevention
Preventive HealthYour Future
December 4, 2018

Fall Prevention Measures You can Master at Home

It’s a natural part of human evolution that as we grow older, so do our bodies. Admittedly, we try pretty valiantly to age as gracefully: we eat healthy, exercise regularly,…
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Carrot Rewards Inspiring Change
Your BodyYour Future
November 30, 2018

Your Guide to Inspiring Change in 2019

With a new year looming, resolutions may be top of mind. The best method for making changes is to plan ahead and take baby steps. A complete overhaul of your…
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Carrot Rewards Savings Buckets
Financial LiteracyYour Money
November 30, 2018

Saving Buckets: How To Protect Every Drop

There are so many forces competing for every dollar you earn: crazy housing costs, ridiculous student debt, and of course, Amazon’s one click, one-day delivery service. (Damn them.) Sure, you’re…
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Make the Most out of Winter Weather
Physical ActivityYour Body
November 26, 2018

Making the Most out of Winter Weather

With winter approaching, I have been busy gathering winter activity ideas and second-hand outdoor gear for my two growing boys. They basically destroy the house if we stay inside, so…
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Credit Scores & Mortgages Borrowell Carrot Rewards
Financial LiteracyYour Money
November 18, 2018

Credit Scores & Mortgages? Here’s What You Need to Know

Life offers many exciting and memorable milestones, but few are as important as the decision to buy a home. Depending on where you live, the process can be more difficult…
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Carrot Rewards Budget-Friendly Holiday Shopping
Financial LiteracyYour Money
November 16, 2018

Budget Boosters for Holiday Gift-Giving

For many Canadians, this time of year is about apple pies, the leaves changing colour, and warmer layers due to falling temperatures. For others, snow is already on the ground…
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Carrot Rewards Is Your Vehicle Winter Ready?
Your CommunityYour Future
November 12, 2018

Canada Tough: Get your Car Ready for Winter!

With the start of school, fall activities, the upcoming holiday prep, and so much in between, getting your car ready for winter can easily slip down your priority list. Not…
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